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Kate in The Gambia
Dakar pictures
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Pictures of the West African Invitational Softball Tournment in Dakar, Senegal

Replaying the days of the flag corps...
This is me waving the Gambian flag to cheer on my team at WAIST.

Dakar's Skyline at Twilight
This is Dakar's skyline as we were returning on the ferry from Goree Island.

Goree Island
Goree Island, a gorgeous island off the coast of Dakar.

Downtown Dakar
A real city!!!

Dakar's Main Mosque
Okay, so I didn't really see this, but I stole this cool picture from Vickie L, another PCV.

Boats along the coast of Dakar
Note that the coast of Dakar looks NOTHING like the coast of Gambia. Ours is more like FL...flat.

PC/The Gambia BEATS PC/Mali
We won despite the gallant attempts to "trip us up" by Mali's 1st baseman, Brendan Beck.

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