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Kate in The Gambia
Mail Run Pictures
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Mail Run - A 5-day trek around The Gambia delivering mail and packages to even the most remote Peace Corps volunteers. A fun and amazing trip despite torrential downpours, getting covered from head to toe with mud while trying to get the vehicle unstuck, sweating massive amounts while enduring the blazing sun, pulling on wire cables until our hands were covered with blisters to get ourselves and our vehicle across the pull-it-yourself-ferries, and all the other things that makes mail run unforgettable!

The Peace Corps vehicle packed up to its ceiling, waiting to cross the ferry.

It poured the first night of our trip and all day the second day.

The road to a PCVs site that had been washed out by the rains.

This is Nate, my mail run coconspirator, with a dead mouse we found in one of the PCV's huts.

Another long road in The Gambia.

The green fields of The Gambia in the rainy season.

Coos (millet) fields

This is the bedroom (a thatched room with mosquito nets) at the Basse PC house.

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