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Kate in The Gambia
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12/11/06 Okay, I know it's taken my forever, but I've finally updated my page with some pictures. My job's taken me to some cool places. So I've added links to the pictures.


My two years in The Gambia are finished and I am happily back in the US. I'm not having any problems readjusting to life here, in fact I am overjoyed at the prospect of an endless supply of pizza, Oreos, and Slim Jims. And I've even discovered some new treats since I've been back -- soy milk! Who knew a bean could made such a great beverage?

Anyway, I'm living in California now and I'm a happy little engineer in Silicon Valley. I found a job at a great startup with nice people, interesting work, and, best of all, a kitchen stocked with free food. I love the cool temperatures here and the beautiful mountains. Plus, I'm close to San Francisco so there's always plenty to keep me busy.

I'll try to keep this page updated with the latest in my new not-so-exciting-but-much-easier-because-there's-electricity-here life. Stay tuned.


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What's New?

01/12/05 -- finally got around to updating this page...sorry.

11/01/04 -- Pictures! There's a link and me blabbing about my trip on the Stories and Stuff page.

10/05/04 -- The Guinea showing on the Stories & Stuff page.

9/16/04 -- NEW: Mail Run Pictures page.

7/14/04 - I'm getting better at updating...

6/23/04 -- Breaking News!

6/16/2004 -- I was missing, but I'm back.

4/12/04 -- Got myself in gear and updated the Stories & Stuff page. And be sure to check out the Dakar Picture page too.

1/20/03 -- Finally updated the webpage again....

12/15/03 -- My distance learning project made front page news!  (Front page of a Gambian paper, but that's still cool, I think.)  Anyway, the story is on the stories and stuff page.

10/25/03 -- See Stories & Stuff page for more enthralling tales...  ;-)

10/15/03 -- I know that I've been a really big whiney baby about this whole "it's hot in Africa" thing.  But I just wanted to prove my point.  So you guys check out and put in Banjul as the city.  It will bring up the weather here.  By the way, today's "feels like" temperature is 110F.  HOT!

10/12/03 -- Updated stories page with the latest ramblings.

10/08/03 -- Pictures!!  (Just a few though.)  But check out the Photos page.

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